Ililc3 Show & Tell – Sentence Poker

The Ililc3 show and tell was a teachmeet like no other!  Firstly you could get an beer!  Secondly the items shown and told we’re wide and varied.  Jenga, blankety blank, an apps game and singing!

I did a game that I play with my students called sentence poker, you could equally call it chance or tricked you. The way you play the game is as follows.

1. Write a sentence in target language or English (depending on which way round you are playing the game)
2. Ask students to put their hands up if they can translate the sentence.
3.Choose a student to answer. If they translate the sentence correctly everyone who had their hands up gets a point
4. If the student answers it incorrectly then everyone one with their hands up loses a point.
5. Thus, they can put their hand up even if they don’t know the answer hoping and praying that they won’t be picked because they could win a point. Hence the “poker” element!
6. The scoring can be quite tricky because students do really enjoy this game and really get into it. My students sit in groups of 4 at tables and I give them a mini whiteboard per group. Before the game begins the students write a list of their names on the mini whiteboard and take it in turns to be scorer. When you are scorer you cannot play the game. In a 4 round game each person on the table will miss a round as they will act as scorer.

Hope this all makes sense – let me know if you try it and how it goes! Any problems send me a tweet and I’ll do my best to help out 🙂


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