The Power Of One; 1 iPad, 1 Classroom, 1 Teacher.


My first presentation at #ililc4 and I mean my very first EVER was a session attempting to address what to do if you only have 1 iPad in your classroom.  I was lucky enough to be given an iPad to trial in my classroom 2 years ago, in my session I looked to provide delegates with a list of apps that they could successfully use in a 1 iPad classroom.

Having only 1 iPad in the classroom allows you to make yourself the expert on the tool.  You will have to work at this, use your iPad regularly and when you hit a problem, search for a solution on Google or ask on Twitter or someone else in your school in this way you will learn about the functionality of the iPad and what to do when it doesn’t quite work.  Better that you learn when you only have one to deal with than when you have a class set.  Although we think our young people are tech savvy they aren’t as savvy as you may imagine and will need, just like you, to learn how to use an iPad effectively.


A VGA adapter – so that you use you iPad with your whiteboard

Apple TV – this enables you to show things from your iPad on you whiteboard wirelessly and it is a seriously cool bit of kit.

A clamp – borrow this form science and gently clamp your iPad over the work you want to show the class, go to the camera on you iPad and hey presto you have a visualiser!

Ideas for starter activities

Pass the parcel is a paid for app this allows you to turn you iPad into a children’s party game.  Simply create a list of questions in word or pages copy and paste your questions into the pass the parcel app and press play.  The students then pass the iPad around the class and when the music stops a question appears that the students must answer.

Make Dice is another paid for app which allows you to make word dice.  Simply type in the words you want to appear on each face. Shake the iPad and students had to say a sentence with that word or use a few dice and make them create sentences with the word shown.  There is a free version of this app called Make Dice Lite

Shake and Boom this turns your iPad into a bomb.  Simply arm the bomb pass it around the class and when it goes off ask a question – easy!  Again this is a paid for app.

Videoscribe and Haiku Deck are both apps which allow you to do presentations.  Videoscribe creates cartoon animation and Haiku Deck is a slide presentation app full of beautiful creative commons images.

Pairwork and discussion ideas

In pairs or small groups allow students to use the video camera function on the iPad to film themselves speaking then connect it to you whiteboard and show the rest of the class who then give feedback. app allows you to make simple short recordings, the results of which can be emailed to you.

Voice Record Pro allows you to make longer recordings which can then be shared via email, dropbox, Google Drive or Skydrive.

Wrapped app allows you to wrap up pictures.  Email the picture to yourself, display it on your board and then scratch you iPad like you are scratching a lottery card and the picture is slowly revealed.  Works well for guessing games  and discussions.

Guardian Eye Witness and Fotopedia beautiful and unusual photos are provided by both these apps.  Use them in conjunction with wrapped or put the photos into the app Over this then allows you to write questions or key vocabulary onto your photos which you can then save to you camera role and share via your whiteboard to prompt discussion.

Giving Feedback

Take a photo of exemplar work and put it into Skitch then use the pen and arrow tools to highlight the best bits and areas for improvement whilst projecting onto you whiteboard.

Flip your classroom using the Show Me app.  This is a recordable whiteboard  so you can record yourself teaching  and then share the link with your class via email or input it into a QR code creator  and share as a QR code.

Turn your iPad into a visualizer using a clap and the camera function.


Set up a class blog on a blogging platform like Kid blog allow a small fstudents to blog using group of students to blog using your iPad each week

Randomising and Timing

Decide now is a great selector app.  You basically fill in sections of a wheel and spin it.  I fill many of my wheels with topics, I spin the wheel and students have to talk for 1 minute on that topic

Ever had a row about who is going next – not any more.  Tap Roulette is a nifty little app.  Each student puts a finger on the screen you tap select and the app selects a finger – argument over!

Stop Go app is a timing app that looks like a set of traffic lights.  You can set each light to be on for a length of time.  For example 5 mins on green 1 min on amber.  The app bings each time the colour changes which serves to remind you and them how long they have left.  I often don’t project the picture and just hook my iPad up to the speakers for the sound.

Personal Organisation

I am trying to go paperless this year so I have been planning my lessons on my iPad.  The app that I have had most success with is Daybook at the moment I just use it to plan with but it does have a mark book function too.

Smart seat is a seating plan app but it also has a randomising feature on it too so you can easily select students in your class. This app is sleek and simple and I use it lots

Google Drive and Dropbox

Cloud storage apps which allow you to easily share documents with each other.  I love the collaborative features in Drive and use it a great deal with my older students.

Wunderlist is a lovely to do list app.  You can assign tasks to others who share your lists it’s beauty is in it’s simplicity.

Flipboard is app which helps you to collate stuff from the web or twitter into magazines that you can share with others.


2 thoughts on “The Power Of One; 1 iPad, 1 Classroom, 1 Teacher.

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  2. I’ve been using the SlideShark Presentation App for a while now and see educational use for it too. The sheer choice of iOS apps — ranging from note taking to flash cards and presentations — makes the iPad a unique tablet device for schools.

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