An App Smashette


I have long wanted to try app smashing with my classes but we only got our class set of iPads in September and I wanted to ensure that the students could use the well before we attempted our first smash.

The perfect opportunity to try our first smash presented itself on Valentine’s Day.  I had decided that I wanted my students to write some simple French love poetry.  I also hoped to highlight the use of inversion of verb and subject to create a question in French.

The students began by creating a very simple poem using the visual poet app.

visual poet

This app allows you to create 3 stanzas each with a picture.  You can use the picture search facility within the app or use your own photos.  The students used a basic starter for their poems, l’amour est… they then added their own idea, noun or adjective in order to complete the phrase.  L’amour est un xbox was not uncommon amongst my Y9 boys!


Once complete the students exported their poem into their camera roll and they then got to work on their smashette. I asked them to import the poem into the Pic collage app.  

pic collage app 2

Here they added the final part of their poem by inverting their l’amour est phrases and creating a question.  Thus I ended up with L’amour est le skate and Est l’amour le skate? The final line of their poems was c’est quoi l’amour? (what is love?)


Pic collage allowed them to be creative with fonts and stickers.   They completed their smashette in a 50 min lesson and the results are rather good.   It was a simple smash to start with but this is just the beginning…


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