Revising Revision using Thinglink

Say the word revision to any Y11 class and it is met with a collective groan, it invariably means going over old ground in an attempt to fill the empty vessels that are our students brains full of lovely stuff just in time for exams, at least that’s how the students appear to view it. Highlighters often come into play, just don’t tell fellow teacher blogger Alex Quigley, and a palpable sense of boredom descends upon the classroom that seems to last until May no matter what you do!


I have been trying to get round this over the past few years and to be honest, I haven’t been wholly successful all of the time however one thing that has worked really well recently is using thing link to collate vocabulary and ideas into Thinglink to make an interactive revision image.

This week my Y11 French GCSE students made just such an image on the the theme of New Technology.

Firstly they were asked to create images using ballon stickies + app  in which they had to say how they used the technology pictured. They then put all their single images into the Moldiv app and created a composite image.  They then used this as their base image in ThingLink.  Thinglink allows you to add what they call “hotspots” to the image these hotspots can either be text or media. My students made short videos about technology and its use using either the iPad camera, tellagami, yakit kids or chatterpix.  Once complete they added these to their Thinglink. They also add some key pieces of vocabulary and thus creating an interactive revision image like this example.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 17.30.13 

You will note that this image is not absolutely accurate in terms of language but what it does provide is a point from which I can discuss with the students – images can be edited within the website.

Whilst creating the images the students were focussed looking for suitable and relevant vocabulary and seemed to enjoy the creativity of the task.  From my point of view it was a much more positive experience than “traditional” revision activities which is at least one reason for giving it a go!


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