Stop Being Such An Ass – Twitter isn’t just about you!

I guess we’ve all seen the movie Shrek and we all love Donkey, voiced by Eddie Murphy. Donkey’s a nice guy, he’s funny and articulate but he’s also downright annoying. Donkey always wants to be the centre of attention, in fact, there’s nothing more important in Donkey’s world than, well.. Donkey. 


And so from the world of Shrek we turn to the world of Twitter, which I joined so that I could gain a little positivity in the dark tunnel of teaching that I found myself in at that time.  It soon became a place where I could swap ideas, gain advice, share and dare I say it, make friends.  Twitter was the thing, sharing was the important thing, moving yourself and the profession forward were key factors for many of us joining the community and it works, it really does. Moreover, I would suggest that any teacher join the twittersphere and take from it whatever they can and yet, of late Twitter has become noisy.

Some people have become very Donkey like.  My timeline seems full of self adulation, self aggrandisement and self advertisement and the noise from those tweets is so loud.  Twitter is not just about you yes, you know who you are! I actually don’t care how far your Twitter reach is, or how many retweets you have had and I am slightly flabbergasted when you tweet that on Friday nobody recommended you for #ff.  In this forum it’s not all about you.


Fortunately, thanks to Twitter I have something at my disposal; mute and I am finding that I am using it more and more.  As a result Twitter is a nice quiet place to be just like the twitter that I joined and yet it pains me to push that little button because I genuinely believe that everyone has something to contribute to the conversation, I really believe that you are all nice people, people that I would enjoy passing the time with and that you are certainly people with whom I could have a beer, so my plea is this; stop filling my timeline with your voice give others a chance. Tweet less but tweet better; stop being such a Donkey!