Thank You CRHS

Tomorrow or today if you are reading this on Thursday is my last day at Castle Rushen High School.  I am notoriously bad a saying goodbye and am renowned for crying, so I’ll save myself that embarrassment and say the following….

I was only supposed to be doing 2 days supply for 5 weeks but here we are 2 days away from the TT holidays and I am finally saying goodbye.  I would just like to thank you all for making me feel so welcome, CRHS has become a home from home for me and I have loved working with you all.


2014/15 has truly been an annus horribilis for the MFL department so a big thank you to those of you who have helped us out in any way at all.  Thank you for popping down to check that we weren’t drowning in cover work planning (we were but we didn’t like to say), thank you for covering lessons or taking on MFL classes for us, you have gone above and beyond the call of duty!  Thank you for allowing me to cry in your offices (I did that a few times in the 1st week of December)

Huge thanks to Brian and the MFL team – it’s great to see the gang back together again – after the difficult times of this year, these guys are really a force to reckoned with!


I hope you all have a relaxing holiday, after all you deserve it!


Merci et Au revoir!


One thought on “Thank You CRHS

  1. We have truly been blessed by your support over the year, well almost a year!!! Please do not be a stranger, you gorgeous, amazing, brilliant, fantastic person. Big hug 😊 x

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