Edtech enables


It was half term so, a battering for edtech from those who have never used it in their classrooms was well overdue. 

I can only speak from experience as an MFL teacher but I have some questions for the detractors…

Can you listen to every child in your classroom speak in the foreign language every lesson and have a clear understanding of how good their accent is? I can.

Can you easily correct the pronunciation of each child giving them audio materials of how they can improve & give them exercises to support? I can.

Can your students listen to authentic French materials and have control of when to pause and rewind the dialogue so that they can try to understand it more clearly? Mine can.

Can you set work in any of the 4 skill areas and watch as the students’ results arrive thus giving you instant feedback and allowing you to change your teaching there and then to support their needs? I can.

Can your SEND students easily express their thoughts and ideas without having to actually type or write thereby giving you a very, very clear idea of what they are actually capable of because the thing that holds them back has been removed?  My students can.

Can you keep a constant flow of work available for students who are off with a long term illness thus making their return to school that much easier? I can.

How long’s your feedback loop?  I guess a week at best.  Mine’s usually 3 days but it could be a matter of hours.

Can you create text books specific to your student’s needs? I can.

Can you share your student’s work with the whole world?  I can.

Can you mark your students’ work from anywhere in the world?  Provide feedback and also view the responses from students?  I can.

Technology in my classroom facilitates learning within the 4 walls of that room and out with them.  It is not the be all and end all, it is a tool which I decide when to deploy to best effect.

As an aside, I am an ADE but I don’t get paid by Apple and I was using technology to support the students in my class long before I became an ADE.  I regularly look at other forms of technology which I think will be useful in class but for the moment, in my opinion, iPad is the best on the market for use in education and yet there are elements of the Apple ecosystem that I really don’t like.  I work in a GAFE establishment (Google apps for education) this suite of apps is fabulous and I readily recommend its use to anyone. I am not a Google Certified Educator.