Tutor period – the time that learning forgot.


Teaching and learning time is precious, we should covet and treasure every minute of it because students don’t get a second chance at school and yet it strikes me that every day we are losing precious teaching and learning time during tutor period.

Most schools that I have worked in have had 15 -20 mins tutor time each morning and in most schools that I have worked in this results in students sitting gossiping with their mates, playing games on phones and generally waiting for time to pass.  Of course, planners are signed, assembly is taken, messages are passed on and tellings off are given (do your ties up please and fasten your top buttons!) Even if we take make a conservative estimate that tutor time lasts 15 mins that’s an hour and 15 mins of missed learning a week, which equates to around 50 hours a year! 

I am not advocating that we teach subject specific material during this time but we should use tutor time to better educational effect.  Tutor time usually takes place first thing in the morning so rather than sending our students off to class half brain dead and partially asleep why not use this time to wake them up and get them ready for the day of studying ahead? Here are a few ideas:

Play a game

There are some great duel games where one player tries to see off the other.  Plug an iPad into the main screen and get battling, winner stays on. You could even create a league table.

Count battle is and addictively simple app in which have to tap the numbers in order 1-15 however the numbers keep moving on the screen!

Math duel 2 players try to beat each other at maths.

Quizlet live students collaborate together to find the correct answer.  You have to have ‘sets’ ready made in quizlet first but there are lots and lots that others have made that you could on a multitude of topics that you could easily use.  Make sure you’ve ‘copied’ them first.

geoguessr.com makes use of google maps.  You are given a photo of  a place and you have to use the world map to guess where you are.  You earn points by guessing closest to the actual location.

Jenga app has a pass and play feature where 4 people can play at once.  You could of course play actual jenga.  A cheap jenga style game costs around £3 a set. 

Heads up app is a hilarious game where students hold the iPad or iPhone on their forehead and their classmates have to give them clues as to who they are when they guess correctly they tip the iPad forward and the next name comes on screen.  If they tip the screen backwards they pass and the next name appears.  You could of course play it the more traditional way by using post it notes on foreheads!

Keep it newsworthy

Thanks to the internet you now have the news at your fingertips.  Why not display some Front pages of the day and discuss them?


This is a great website for short news clips and news quizzes.  Also at the end of each week they do a round up of the weeks weirdest news which is guaranteed to raise a smile


Use this collation website and app to create a magazine of news topics that you think your students will find interesting.  They are simple to make and you can share the link to them via your VLE, Google Classroom or via QR code.

Podcasts and podcasting.

The only subject in the school curriculum that actually teaches listening is MFL. Most students will probably only ever listen to music so why not expose them to the spoken word too?  Here are a few to take a listen to:

Question of the day – short 15- 20 mins at the most each discussing a specific question eg. Could Donald Trump be a good president?

Freakanmoics radio.  Similar to question of the day but a little longer at 30 mins

TED talks audio – TED talks

No such thing as a fish – a comedy podcast from the QI elves

More or less from Radio 4 which looks at stories behind stats

From our own correspondent also from Radio 4 – interesting stories from radio correspondents around the world.

It goes without saying that you should check each podcast for suitability before you share with your students!

If you don’t want them to just to listen to podcasts you could get them to make their own using the super simple podacasting app Opinion and then share their work with the school community or even the world.

Finally, there are many, many inspirational and thought provoking videos on YouTube that you could use to promote discussion here are some of my favourites.

With a little thought and a smidge of preparation, tutor time can become an even more valuable time of the school day.


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