Let’s make some noise. Using GarageBand Live Loops to make verb songs

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In spite of being a lover of music I am not particularly musical and as such the app GarageBand has always frustrated me as, I am of the view that you need to be reasonably musical to make the best use of it.  Imagine my delight then when earlier this year Apple added live loops to the GarageBand tools.  So what are live loops?  Essentially Live Loops is a simple way to create DJ style music using loops and samples.  Apple have made it super simper for us non-musicians to use as the loops are laid out in a grid format. You can activate single loops by tapping the box or whole columns of loops and samples by tapping the arrow at the bottom of the iPad.  The good news for the non musical amongst us, you don’t need to worry about beats or timing as GarageBand does it all for you!  There are plenty of different styles of music to choose from.

To begin tap the plus sign in the top right hand corner of your iPad now tap ‘Create New Song’

Make sure Live Loops is highlighted at the top of the screen and scroll through until you find a style that you like. 

Now it’s time to start playing to stop a loop from playing simply tap in the box and it will stop tap it again and it will restart.  You can only play 1 box from each row at a time.

Recording into the live loops grid.  This is the important part especially if you are making a verb song like we did.

Firstly, slide your finger along the bottom row of the iPad where the arrows are until you find a blank column.  This is the column into which you are going to record your voice.  To do this double tap on a blank square and the option record into cell appears tap this and you are taken to a recording window.  From here you can choose a variety of effects to add to your voice, if you don’t want to do this then select the option dry.  I would suggest that you turn the metronome of at the top of the screen as you will hear this when you record.  The backward looping arrow, once tapped, allows you to re-record your voice.  Once you have done tap the little grid icon in the top left of the screen to return to your song.  Tap another empty box in the same column and repeat the whole process. It’s really important that all your voice is in the same column as this will give you flexibility as to when you play it. 

Once you have recorded all parts of the verb you can make your song.  Simply play your favourite loops adding in your voice as you go. 


Above is a link to a powerpoint how to guide

I complete this task with my Y9 classes this week it took 2 lessons but we all know the verb aller now!  They loved this activity even going as far as to say that it was cool.  I was pretty impressed because as far as they are concerned I am right up their with the kings of uncool themselves, their Dad’s most of the time!

Have a listen to one of my student’s verb songs 

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