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I love teaching grammar but this is an area of language learning that students often find tricky to master.  One of the things that I tend to do when teaching grammar is lots of discussion with students and worked examples on the board, I’ve found that this works well for students as we can discuss problems and misconceptions easily.  The disadvantage of this over a pre prepared power point presentation is that it all your lovely worked examples and discussion notes are tricky to share with your students.

This week Y9 were learning the future tense in order to be able to discuss future food habits and health.  For my teaching of this I decide to use the app Explain Everything and mirror it the board in my classroom via my Apple TV.  We discussed verbs and endings and infinitives and we did plenty off worked examples. The difference this time though, was that I could easily save the Explain Everything slides and whilst the students were working through some exercises in their books I could upload all of our ‘board work’ to Google Classroom before our atual lesson had even finished.  Now my students have a record of our grammar lessons with notes on all the problems and misconceptions that we discussed as well as worked examples.  

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the use of technology in the classroom but this week in my classroom technology helped to support teaching and the learning of my students, without it we’d have been resorting to taking notes from the board.